Fans anticipate Se7en’s discharge from the military

Korean media and fans anticipate Se7en’s confirmed military discharge on December 28th. 

On December 27th, it was reported that  Se7en will be finally ending his mandatory military service and will be discharged on December 28th at Gyeonggido Pochun 8th Squad. An official, who spoke in behalf of Se7en, stated that, “We expect much attention from fans as well as media so he will say a few words on his feelings on being discharged.”

Se7en was originally scheduled to be discharged 10 days prior to the mentioned date, but was sentenced for an additional 10 day of punishment for his misconduct during his service, thus the delay. It was previously reported that after performing for another military camp in June 2013, Se7en was spotted visiting a massage parlor, leaving his designated dormitory without permission.

The entire incident was recorded by SBS Field 21 and caught a lot of attention after its broadcast.

Following his sentence for misconduct, news about his break-up with girlfriend of 12 years Park Han Byul also surfaced, leaving fans and the media alike to prod on his official statement on the matter.

Park Han Byul, through her agency, initially stated on December 24th that, “Early this year Se7en and Park Han Byul decided to go their separate ways, the reason she did not speak up about the separation was because they did not want Se7en under further media attention while serving in the military. They still remain friends and Park Han Byul does not wish for anyone to be hurt because of her. Her and Jung Eun Woo are still in the early stage of a relationship so they are worried that too much media attention might fall on them.”

Meanwhile, Se7en is reported to be releasing an album after gaining enough rest following his discharge.

Source: Daily Sports