Fans Furious As Agency Recycles Old Clothes For WANNA ONE’s First Photoshoot

Fans noticed something unfair about WANNA ONE’s official photos, and they are speaking out against it. 

Ong Sungwoo of WANNA ONE.

Upon seeing WANNA ONE’s first official photos, fans instantly recognized the wardrobe used for the photo shoot. 

Fans noticed that the outfit was already worn by Knock Team previously on the show. 

Fans reacted to this by saying “This is too much. How can they re-use outfits for their first profile pictures…”

Even the shirt worn underneath is the same.

Many are upset by this because the outfits used were originally worn by members who were not chosen for the final line up.

Fans are annoyed that Mnet are reusing the outfits of trainees who failed to join WANNA ONE.

So they felt that it was unfair towards those who had not had the chance to debut. 

Park Woojin made his debut, and wore the outfit originally worn by another trainee.

Source: Dispatch