Fans are going crazy trying to figure out the meaning behind BTS’s “Wing” series

BTS has recently been releasing video for a short film series called “WINGS.” The videos are not straight forward, leaving the fans to guess the meaning for themselves.

The second video makes references to the first film making fans believe they are related in some way. There is also a lot of implied symbolism that make fans assume it’s connected to the previous music videos the group has released as it includes lyrics from other songs such as “Run” and “Save Me.”

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My Theory for #WINGS pt. 1 and #WINGS2 (#LIE): I think this era will answer all the questions from the previous era

Some fans have figured out that the narrative in the beginning is from an old novel called Demian. But the mystery of the videos remain with the fourth film still unreleased. Many speculate the series to be teasers for four upcoming new singles or even a full album.

Some fans are dedicated enough to write pages of theories to help others understand while some are purchasing Demian in attempts to interpret it for themselveso

But what do you think? Check out the short films of “WINGS” released so far: