This Fan’s Big Brother Threw $1000+ Of Exclusive Merch Away…What Happened Next is Completely Unbelievable

One teenage fan came home to find over $1000 USD worth of exclusive SEVENTEEN and other idol merchandise was missing, and her story is going viral.


In a recent post on Nate Pann, the teenage fan posted the story of how her fight with her older brother led her to a moment of crisis.


One day when she came home from a long day at school, her box of idol goods was missing…


When she found out it that her brother was responsible, she confronted him but he hit her for talking back to him while her parents did nothing as they didn’t approve of her “chasing idols around”.


At the end of the day, all she had left was a doll of S.Coups.


Apparently, the older brother had done everything out of spite as, according to the teenage fan, the older brother himself is a huge fan of TWICE and MAMAMOO.


Why her brother and her parents are so critical of her fandom is not clear, but watching SEVENteen kill it at MAMA must surely have made her feel better!

Source: Dispatch