Fans Of BTS’s V Donate Over $70,000 USD To Open A School In His Name

The school will help children in rural China who would otherwise be unable to receive an education.

BTS’s fans are often inspired to organize charity projects in honor of the members, and V’s Chinese fanbase is no exception. To celebrate V’s upcoming birthday on December 30, Baidu V Bar has organized a particular ambitious and inspirational project: opening in a school in his name.

For this birthday project, Baidu V Bar partnered with the China Youth Development Foundation. The charity’s flagship program is Project Hope, which aims to ensure that children living in rural areas can go to school and get an education. The project has built thousands of primary schools to date, and now V’s school is one of them.

One of the Hope Primary Schools in China | China Youth Development Foundation

The school is named Taehyung Hope Primary School after V’s birth name. However, it also has a special double meaning. In Chinese, V’s first name is 泰亨 (tài hēng)—“tài” means peace and stability, while “hēng” means prosperity. These are the qualities Baidu V Bar hopes Taehyung Hope Primary School will provide for rural children in China.

We hold the vision for these kids to grow up safely and happily in peace, also to rejoice their blooming youth.

— Baidu V Bar

In total, Baidu V Bar donated and impressive ¥500,000 RMB—around $71,500 USD—to construct the school. Even though the money was raised by the Chinese fanbase, Baidu V Bar says the school is being opened in the name of all V fans across the world.

They plan to keep fans updated on the school’s construction over the course of the year, with an estimated completion date around the end of 2020.

One of the most impressive things about this project is that this isn’t the first time V’s Chinese fans have made the world of education a better place. For V’s 2019 birthday project, Baidu V Bar donated to open an art classroom in V’s name at Hubei Anlu Elementary School. The classroom was named Vante Art Classroom after V’s photography alias.