Fans Call Out aespa’s Stylists After Giselle Faces Difficulty In “ZOO” Stage At SMTOWN LIVE 2022 In Tokyo

Fans believe the styling affected Giselle’s performance.

Fans call out aespa‘s stylists, claiming that Giselle had to contend with a styling issue that inhibited her performance of “ZOO” at SMTOWN LIVE 2022.

Aespa’s Giselle

Giselle has proven to be a true professional after suggering many technical issues in the “ZOO” stages that she and NCT‘s Taeyong, Jeno, Hendery and Yangyang have performed so far. At SMTOWN LIVE in Seoul, her in-ear monitor suddenly stopped working, leaving her unable to hear anything other than her own voice feedback.

The same thing happened again at the concert in Japan. In fact, she also seems to even have lost what appeared to be her mic pack, which Jeno then found and removed from the stage in order to prevent it from becoming a hazard.

In addition to that, both Giselle and Hendery were made late to the chorus of the song after the lift they were on had a delay. They were both forced to run to join the rest of the group for the chorus.

Fans were understandably upset at the issue, calling out organizing staff for allegedly failing to ensure the equipment was sound before the performance. They were particularly concerned since only the “ZOO” unit (and especially Giselle) seems to have been affected by technical issues—Giselle was able to perform with aespa without issue, as were the NCT members with their groups.

Luckily, on day 3 of the concert fans were able to watch a “ZOO” stage with no technical difficulties…

But that hasn’t stopped MYs from raising concerns after Giselle received reportedly undue criticism for her performance in the previous stages. The issues with her in-ear monitor understandably impacted her singing and dancing, seeing as she couldn’t hear the music or the NCT members onstage.

But MYs have also expressed frustration over the styling choices made for Giselle’s “ZOO” fit. According to some, it’s not surprising that Giselle’s mic pack fell off—she was, after all, wearing a really short skirt. It would have been difficult for the equipment to stay in place considering the choreograpyhy.

Not only that, but fans also pointed out that it makes total sense that Giselle could not “go hard” with the choreography, precisely because she was wearing such a short skirt.

Additionally, seeing as she is the only girl in the unit, fans feel like dressing her like that was even more unfair as it could have potentially made her uncomfortable with the risks of dancing too hard.

Given that the issues with the performance–technical and styling alike—have no bearing on Giselle’s talent as an artist, fans feel that it’s unfair that she should be judged for something that she had no control over. After all, on day 3 of SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo, the unit was able to deliver a flawless performance that led to much praise for Giselle.

Hopefully, future “ZOO” stages will remain free of any difficulties so that each of the unit members can show their true talent!

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