Fans capture first look at iKON Bobby’s new hair color

Bobby revealed his new hair color to fans at iKON’s recent Japanese concert event.
When heading off to Yokohama for iKON‘s Japan Arena Encoure Tour, Bobby left Korea with a cap and hoodie on in order to hide his bright new hair color.

Once he landed in Yokohama however, the YG Entertainment rapper revealed his cool new hair and fans immediately rushed to snap pictures of him.

He’s now a brilliant bright blonde!

Bobby tried to hide his hair in order to surprise his fans.
His dyed hair color looked so cool on stage!
Bobby’s hair is just as bright as his smile!
He posed with the rest of iKON on their Japanese tour. / Source: YGEX Staff
Bobby and Jinhwan strutting down the stage in black outfits.
Bobby’s new hair suits his personality.
Fans are loving his new blonde look!
iKON snapped a few pictures together after the second day of the concert, and Bobby took the opportunity to reveal his new look.