Fans claim f(x) Victoria has been hospitalized after being overworked

f(x) fans are worried about Victoria’s health after her friend revealed that Victoria has been hospitalized from working too much.

The information was made public through Weibo when Victoria’s old friend revealed that she went to visit Victoria in the hospital.

According to Victoria’s friend, Victoria has been sick for quite a while but she continued working until her sickness became critical.

Victoria apparently had to undergo surgery for her ailment immediately upon returning to China from Thailand.

According to her friend, despite being sick, Victoria is very worried about the production team for the film she is currently filming and expressed her willingness to finish filming.

In spite of her ailment, Victoria has kept strong, giving a cute “V” sign and smile to her visitors.

It has also been reported that Victoria had been having difficulty swallowing and was extremely hungry before she swallowed some medicine that was only meant to be gargled.

Shortly thereafter, Victoria updated her status on Weibo, assuring worried fans that she will be OK in two days.

“I’m OK, don’t worry, after two days, I’ll be alive and kicking, it’s very cold so everyone take care.”

— f(x)’s Victoria

Without taking time to rest, Victoria was spotted at the airport the next day, heading to Bangkok.

Fans are all praying for Victoria’s health and well-being and hope she not only gets better soon but that she takes some time to rest for herself!