Mysterious figure spotted hiding in the background of Oh My Girl’s room

Fans were disturbed and scared for girl group Oh My Girl after a creepy figure was spotted during their recent live stream broadcast.

Wearing a white mask to hide their faces, the figure stands outside the window as Oh My Girl greets fans through their live stream. Fans quickly noticed the creepy figure, posting their concerns for the girls.

[V LIVE] 도쿄에서의 마지막 밤?

Sep 26, 2016 – [OH MY GIRL] – 도쿄에서의 마지막 밤? – You can watch videos on V LIVE.

After hearing their fans’ growing concern of the mysterious figure, Oh My Girl resolved the issue quickly, issuing a tweet on their SNS account. According to the tweet, the figure was in fact their manager who was attempting to play a prank on them.

Currently, Oh My Girl is promoting their title track “Aing.”

Image: Tweet reads "" / Oh My Girl's Twitter via Instiz
Image: Tweet reads “Hey did we scare you in the V-App just now?! The thing in our stream was our manager in a mask ㅎㅎ Everyon!! have a fun night and we hope everyone has a wonderful night~~” / Oh My Girl’s Twitter via Instiz

Source: Instiz (1 and 2)