HYBE Responds To Fans’ Concerns About Its Original Comics And Web Novels

Fans need not worry.

HYBE recently stirred the concern of fans when they announced a collaboration was in works between their company artists and publishing platforms Webtoon and Wattpad.

Fans were duly concerned that the boys would happen to stumble across inappropriate works of fiction on the platforms, and that HYBE would be encouraging such creations. Fan fictions have always been a topic of contention amongst K-Pop fans, as many of such works take the identify and persona of a real life artist and person, and project it into their works of fiction. Many times, this includes NSFW topics which brood debate over it being possibly deemed as sexual harassment.

Idols have admitted to coming across some of their fan fictions before. Soloist Somi, once admitted on her personal Instagram to have come across an I.O.I fan fiction involving her and Chungha. Somi took it in stride and asked for her character in the story to be reconsidered.

“Please reconsider Somi’s character LOL.” | @somisomi0309/Instagram

Due to the rising concern, Korean outlet Money Today put in a phone call to HYBE to ask for a statement. HYBE stated that they are aware of the current situation and concerns of the fans.

We know how ARMY feels. But the image that was revealed in the business conference yesterday, was simply an example made to help people understand our Original Story business plan.


They claim that the actual content will not worry fans. On the other hand, Naver, who owns Webtoon and Wattpad, declined on giving a statement as the works have yet to be revealed.

Perhaps with the statement from HYBE, fans can rest-assured that they will not have to be concerned over the original content soon to be released. Stay tuned for more information on the releases!

Source: Star Today