Fans Convinced HyunA and Dawn Just Tied The Knot Due To Recent Instagram Post

It’s definitely a celebration, but it’s not the kind fans thought it was!

HyunA and Dawn are not only great artists but also the cutest couple! The couple proved their beautiful relationship in a recent Instagram post that had fans convinced the two had just tied the knot!

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

With the two all dressed in white surrounded by several balloons, it was hard not to suspect HyunA and Dawn might have gotten at first glance.


Fans also know that HyunA and Dawn have been dating since 2016, so thinking that the two had wedded was not a crazy thought. With the two’s long relationship in mind and the happy photos pointing to a possible marriage, fans couldn’t help but question whether the two had actually done it.

In her second post, Hyuna wrote a touching caption thanking her fans, her staff, her friends, and of course, Dawn!

With the live broadcast for my fans as well as the surprise party and the letters, today has been so amazing I don’t even know how many times I cried and laughed. My heart is so full in ways I can’t explain. It is incredible how much love and support I’m receiving. Thank you so much for always rooting for me and showering me with your love. And my unnies, oppas, and dongsaengs — all the staff and friends who spend more time with me than my family does… Words can never describe how happy you make me feel. I was the happiest person alive today. And finally, dear Dawn. I’m sooo happy that we’re always together. I love you.

— HyunA

Despite all of the speculation, the two had not tied the knot. In her  most recent birthday series post, HyunA, showed off a birthday cake that read, “Happy Birthday” and “Welcome 30.


HyunA and Dawns photos and their fans confusion became so huge that “HyunA” started trending on Twitter!

While it may not have been a beautiful wedding, it was certainly a beautiful birthday party! HyunA couldn’t even stop herself from shedding happy tears at how amazing her birthday celebration was.