Fans Are Convinced Joy And Sungjae Are Going To Appear On TV Together Again, By Themselves

They’re back. Just the two of them.

Nearly two and a half years after Joy and Sungjae finished their time on We Got Married together, they will be coming together for another project, with just the two of them (no members of Red Velvet or BTOB to “interrupt”).

Sungjae and Joy Reunite For The First Time Since “We Got Married” 


Many fans of both Red Velvet and BTOB shipped this couple, and some even went as far as thinking they were truly in love with each other.

Here’s Why Fans Believe Joy And Sungjae Were Truly In Love With Each Other


Lotte Liquor’s original beer brand Fitz Super Clear recently teased its new models, and there’s an uncanny resemblance in the two silhouettes…


Does it perhaps, remind you of a certain “couple”?


Even their hand hearts look exactly the same.


Naturally, fans are excited at the possibility of seeing their favorite on-screen couple together again.


All of the shipper’s dreams have come true, as the first promotional pictures have come out, showing Sungjae and Joy together with a glass of Fitz! Their first CF will hit TV’s across Korea on July 5.

Source: camille_cee