Fans Are Crediting GOT7 For Twitter’s Newly Updated Features

Twitter is called the “bird app” after all.

Twitter has recently launched its new feature, Spaces, an audio chat room. Spaces allows you to start a voice chat with anyone. There is no limit to the number of listeners for the chat rooms, but there can only be ten speakers at a time. Ahgases have noticed a similarity from Twitter Spaces’ design to something GOT7‘s Youngjae once described in an idea for Twitter.

From left: Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, BamBam, Youngjae, and Mark Tuan | #TwitterBlueRoom interview with GOT7

In 2015, GOT7 was the first K-Pop group to be a guest at #TwitterBlueRoom. They have since returned a couple of different times. In 2019, some of the members met with Twitter’s co-founder, Biz Stone, and CEO, Jack Dorsey. Jack has been well-known within the iGOT7 fandom. He also credits K-Pop for the success of the site. “I also like K-pop and think that Twitter also grew thanks to K-Pop,” He said, “Twitter is the platform where people can get news about their favorite artists the fastest.” He’s always outspoken about his love for GOT7. Since GOT7’s fandom calls themselves Ahgase, which translates as “baby bird,” it seems fitting that the CEO of the “bird app” is one too.

| #TwitterBlueRoom interview with GOT7

When talking to the boys, he asked them about their Twitter usage and how they used it to engage with fans. They said they would sometimes do Q&As, replying to fans’ tweets. Jack said he does the same with followers, but they usually just ask for new features, such as adding a button for editing. He asked them if there were any features that they would add if they were given the opportunity. Mark translated the question for Youngjae, who quickly responded. From that, Mark conveyed his idea of an audio chat room to the CEO.

A better way to communicate with some of the fans would be he said if you can make a room and put a limit on how many people can come into the room so the first people gets a chance to talk to him.

— Mark

There’s no denying that that idea sounds a lot like Twitter Spaces. In the interview, BamBam also mentioned having a black mode for Twitter. At the time, Jack dismissed it by saying that there is a dim option in settings. Twitter has since then recently added “dark mode” as an additional choice, which makes the app black, like BamBam requested, instead of dark blue. Considering that few people have been able to voice their ideas so openly to the CEO, it doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Ahgases see the connection and believe that GOT7 are to thank for the latest Twitter features.

At this time, Twitter Spaces is only available to a select audience of users, but anyone on iOS should be able to join. However, Twitter is planning to allow anyone to use it freely, including the option to host, beginning in April.

You can watch the full interview below.

Source: @GOT7Official and #TwitterBlueRoom