Fans criticized for their behavior during EXO’s arrival in London

EXO’s Kai, Xiumin, Suho and Sehun receive a crowded welcome in Heathrow International Airport as they film for MBC’s One Fine Day in London. 

On January 2nd, news about Kai, Xiumin, Suho and Sehun’s departure were reported, confirming their filmed vacation in London, United Kingdom. However, as the schedules were posted, fans waited at the airport to welcome the four members, leaving for them to clog the terminal.

As the videos and fan accounts were being posted online, fellow fans cannot help but feel embarrassed and criticize the behavior of the fans present as they try to push their way towards the members despite the warning of the managers.

Aside from garnering more than 30,000 views on Youtube, the clip also gathered a number of comments talking about the mistreatment of the group during their arrival.

Meanwhile, Kai, Xiumoin, Suho and Sehun are in London to film for One Fine Day as they take a filmed vacation enjoying the sights, cuisines and activities in London.

Check out the fancam of the incident below: