Fans Debate Whether It Was Inappropriate For ITZY’s Ryujin To Mention Crush And Joy’s Relationship On A Recent Livestream

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Fans are debating whether ITZY‘s Ryujin made a mistake by mentioning Red Velvet‘s Joy and Crush‘s relationship.

Ryujin (left) and Yeji (right) during their livestream | Nate Pann

On October 4, ITZY members Ryujin and Yeji livestreamed for fans. During the livestream, Ryujin was listening to Crush’s music when she read a fan’s comment that stated, “Crush should pay more taxes.” The comment was in alluding to a joke online where fans joked that Crush should pay more taxes for winning the lottery, alluding to his relationship with Red Velvet member Joy.

Joy (left) and Crush (right) | Nate Pann

Once Ryujin read the comment, Yeji looked at Ryujin, confused, and asked what the comment meant, to which Ryujin explained in a whisper that the joke alluded to the singers’ relationship.

The incident soon spread online, where fans debated whether it was inappropriate for Ryujin to comment on another idol’s relationship. Some argued that despite Crush and Joy dating openly, it is still a sensitive matter and that Ryujin should’ve been more careful.

  • “Yeji was probably hoping Ryujin would just stop talking.”
  • “That joke is offensive to Crush. He didn’t seem to appreciate it very much.”
  • “She wasn’t thinking when she said that.”
  • “She isn’t close to Joy, and isn’t Joy her sunbae? The livestream is available for anyone to watch, and she’s talking about her sunbae’s relationship?”
  • “This is so random. Are they even close? If they aren’t close, then isn’t she just putting Joy’s business out into the open?”

While others defended the idol, stating she shouldn’t be criticized for explaining a joke to a friend.

  • “She just needs to be more careful in the future… There is no need for her to receive this much hate… It’s not like she committed a crime.”
  • “It isn’t like they are dating in private. What is the problem here? Lol.”
  • “What are you guys getting mad about? It isn’t like they are dating secretly. Lol. Stop trying to cancel celebrities. A recent show that Crush was on also mentioned his relationship.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Nate Pann