Fans Defend BLACKPINK’s Jennie After Her Posts Are Flooded With Hate Comments

Fans often say she gets hate for anything she does.

After months of conflicted debates about her participation, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently debuted in the HBO series The Idol.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | VOGUE Japan

Jennie’s inclusion as Dyanne was once described as a way to exploit the star for clout, among other complaints about the show, which was described as “Torture Porn” by some news outlets.

Once the show’s first episode aired, there were mixed reactions to scenes in which Jennie was included, like her provocative dancing between two male cast members.

Overall, most have defended her participation, saying that The Idol‘s content so far is not as bad as it has been made out to be, comparing it to some of the explicit K-Dramas released recently.

Many also brought up how everything Jennie does inspires criticism, from how she dresses to possibly dating.

Jennie’s antis seem to have started harassing the idol directly, flooding her most recent social media posts with hate.

On May 31, Jennie shared images from her upcoming cover story with VOGUE Japan, looking gorgeous across the two posts. Initially, the comments were filled with praise, but since the premiere of The Idol, antis have left many rude spam-like messages.

Fans have taken steps to clean up her comment section, leaving messages of their own, as well as instructing others on how to remove hateful and malicious comments.

Jennie has not since updated since the hate comments began pouring in, but she will hopefully continue living her life the way she chooses!