Fans discover the mysterious sound of a screaming man in miss A’s “Only You”

On Jang Dong Min and Lady Jane at 2PM, the DJs mentioned that many people have been hearing sounds of a man screaming in miss A‘s “Only You.”

miss A’s Min and Jia made a guest appearance on the radio show Jang Dong Min and Lady Jane at 2PM, where the DJs discussed something strange about the track, “Only You.”

The DJs said to the girls, “In miss A’s new title track ‘Only You,’ they say you can hear a man screaming.”

Even though the girls have been fully aware of these statements Min responded saying, “I really have not heard it. Album reviews and people keep talking about it, but I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.”

Jang Dong Min reassured the members about hearing strange noises in the music video. It has been said that hearing ghosts, strange sounds, or having any types of rumors along those lines for an album, the album will become a huge success.

Lady Jane added, “It will get even more people to listen to it out of curiosity.”

Many fans have been saying that they hear the screaming sounds when watching the music video for “Only You.” It has been said that the sounds begin after 46 seconds into the music video.

Can you hear the mysterious screams everyone has been talking about?

Source: SSTV