Fans Discover A K-Pop Boy Group’s Tour Transportation Is A Literal School Bus

“Please let this tour end.”

Over the last week, fans attending E’LAST‘s 2023 Thrill North American Tour have reported many alleged issues with the tour’s management.

E’LAST | E Entertainment

The group’s performance in LA was chaotic from the start, with fans saying they were kicked out of the venue a little more than an hour after the concerts start, which was also three hours late.

Fans also organized themselves during the day, claiming they had no help from tour organizer MC Entertainment.

Allegedly, the group were also mistreated, with MCE blaming the group and even yelling at them. Fans also slammed the company for “scamming,” citing that none of the perks they paid for were given.

A week after this occurrence, those attending the Atlanta date of the tour have reported a similar occurrence. According to fans at the venue, check-in for the show was supposed to begin at 4:30 pm, but they were not given any news until 6:30 pm.

Staff then announced that the concert would be canceled due to safety standards not being met. The group were able to hold the promised interactions, apologizing during the fan sign to fans.

On May 19, the group had their Chicago concert, where things did not go as planned. Staff announced that no interactions would occur, like in Los Angeles, but the concert would continue as scheduled.

After the show, a fan shared what is believed to be the transportation E’LAST would use that night — a school bus.

In a short clip posted online, the fan shares their disbelief while what appears to be staff members moving luggage to the bus.

While it is unknown what transportation the group used before this, fans are shocked and appalled that the tour continues to have unfortunate moments like these.

Many fans boycotted the tour when it was revealed MC Entertainment would be the promotor handling it.

Previously, MC Entertainment were called out by Spire Entertainment during OMEGA X‘s tour, but the tour organizer later exposed the group’s abuse under their former company.

MC Entertainment Exposes Spire Entertainment After Working With Them For OMEGA X Tour