Fans discover the meaning behind Nam Tae Hyun’s mysterious Instagram posts

The singer went on a posting spree on December 15, posting a total of 26 photos.

Just a few days before, on December 11, Nam Tae Hyun‘s Instagram account was mysteriously emptied out and left with only one picture. There was no clear explanation as to why he did that but many  believed it to be due to his recent departure from the group WINNER.

He went on a photo posting spree, but fans welcomed the spam as they had missed his presence on social media. A lot of the photos posted were either from his travels to Los Angeles or Sweden. Interestingly enough, fans were quick to point out that the last MV the group filmed together was in Sweden.

In Sweden

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Among the pictures he also posted one of a neon yellow circle light. Although he posted no caption with the post, people took it to mean that he was referencing WINNER’s fan club which is named Inner Circle.

A photo posted by TaeHyun Nam (@souththth) on

This was also not the first time Nam Tae Hyun impulsively cleaned out his social media account. He had done the same earlier this year when dating rumors surfaced online.