Fans’ dispute over g.o.d and BTOB’s “official color” continues

Fans of senior boy group g.o.d and junior boy group BTOB‘s controversy regarding the official sky blue color prolongs with the recent shipping box incident.

Recently, a photo showing numerous delivery boxes piled in front of Cube Entertainment (BTOB’s agency) has spread virally through various online outlets. Reportedly, g.o.d fans sent the boxes to remonstrate their disagreement to BTOB’s selection of sky blue as their official color.

BTOB fans rebuked that this is a sign of “delivery terror” as the boxes contained a note of protest and stuffed with items that look like toilet paper rolls. The toilet paper rolls were written with sky blue pens with phrases, “Sky blue is g.o.d and fangod’s pride that has lasted for 16 years now. Please give feedback,” and more.

Idol groups and celebrities usually have their official color representing their fan club. As g.o.d’s fan club, fangod, has been using the sky blue since their debut 16 years ago, it has offended them when BTOB selected the same sky blue for their official color.

g.o.d’s fans claim that, “Sky Blue is g.o.d’s symbol” and “Following the official color is intruding the fan club’s identity.” BTOB’s fans are arguments include, “There are now owners to colors,” and “BTOB’s official color is ‘slow blue,’ which is a unique color.” 

Source: Asiae