Fans Think That DIVE Studios’ Next MINDSET Collection Will Be The Rose’s Woosung—Here’s Why

Who do you think it might be?

DIVE Studios‘ digital app MINDSET, described as a “digital safe space that normalizes the discussion of human experiences,” is preparing to release a new audio collection.

MINDSET logo | @mindset_dive/Twitter

Each one of their audio collections has been by a popular Korean music artist. Currently, Eric Nam, Epik High‘s Tablo, DAY6‘s Jae, and KARD‘s BM all have their own Mindset Collection.

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MINDSET recently teased that a new collection will be coming soon. They asked followers to guess who it might be based on a teaser image of a wolve.

The first person to come to mind was The Rose‘s Woosung. It seems to be the most obvious choice. Most of the comments were filled with his names, Woosung or Sammy, and many tagging him.

Screenshots of MINDSET’s comment section. | @mindset_dive/Twitter

Woosung’s first solo mini-album was titled WOLF, in which he included a wolf sound on each track. In episode 379 of After School Cub, he explained that there were two sides of a wolf, which was why he titled his album that, and MINDSET’s teaser image literally shows two sides of a wolf.

Because I think there are two sides of a wolf that I wanted to show people. Normally when people think of wolves they think they are kind of scary and very wild, but at the same time I think there’s another side of the wolf… one side is wild and the other side is sensitive.

— Woosung


His pet husky is also named Woolfy! Isn’t he adorable?!

Besides, another thing that all who have a Mindset Collection have in common is that they have hosted a DIVE Studios’ podcast at some point. While Woosung has not, he did guest on Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam on episode 118, released June 29, 2021, so very recently.

Woosung (left) and Eric Nam (right) | DIVE Studios  

Maybe it’s not Woosung, but instead, it’s Woosung’s dog Woolfy! A dog edition of MINDSET, anyone?

Other guesses included Stray Kids‘ Aussie line Bang Chan and Felix. The group recently released the song “WOLFGANG.”

Some initially thought that the clue was a fox, so guessed that it might be DAY6’s Young K because his official mascot/representative is a fox named Ke. If it were truly a fox and not a wolf, this would have been a great guess since his fellow member Jae has done a Mindset Collection. Young K is also a great friend to Eric Nam and has guested on DIVE Studios before.

And, some fans just had jokes, teasing that it might be a member of the comedy film The Hangover‘s “Wolfpack,” i.e., Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis.

Check out more about MINDSET below:

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Source: @mindset_dive
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