Fans Are Divided Over Cha Eunwoo’s Sexual Comments

Eunwoo is caught in the middle of a debate between fans over a message he wrote.

Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO has captured the hearts of fans across the world but some recent comments he made have been generating the wrong kind of attention.

A fan asked each member of ASTRO to write her a cheerful message. Each member honoured this request and wrote an individual message for the fan.

Eunwoo’s message has sparked some debate among netizens, he said:

Shall we meet while you wear tight fitting clothes? Sexily.

– Cha Eunwoo

They feel Eunwoo’s comment was too sexily charged, especially when compared to the messages his groupmates wrote.

The other’s member’s messages are not facing any backlash.

I love you.
Noona, are you tired?
Noona is my woman!
Noona keep coming to me in the future, I love you.

Korean netizens are upset and claiming that Eunwoo doesn’t respect women and has no manners. Others have spoken up in his defence, saying that the fan in question told Eunwoo that she wanted to come to their next fan-meet wearing tight clothes which is why he wrote this personalised message.

Source: Pann-Choa