Fans Extremely Divided After Seeing How Super Junior’s Leeteuk Touched Red Velvet’s Irene During “Lo Siento’s” Sexy Dance

There are 2 completely different viewpoints.

During the second day of SMTOWN in Chile on January 19, Super Junior performed their Latin-Pop inspired hit “Lo Siento” with Red Velvet‘s Irene as the special guest feature. One part of the song’s choreography however, has completely divided fans into a full out war.


When it came time for Irene’s solo dance with Leeteuk, some fans claimed that Leeteuk was too inappropriate with the way he grabbed Irene’s waist, as part of the choreography.

There were also claims that Irene used her left hand to try and make Leeteuk place his hand higher on her waist, as it was too low for her to be comfortable.


Some fans are also pointing out that Irene must have been uncomfortable with anyone holding her waist, as Siwon opted to hold her forearm instead, during that specific part of the choreography at SMTOWN Osaka just 3 months prior when Leeteuk was absent.


Because of this, some of Irene’s fans are pointing out how disrespectful Leeteuk has been towards other female idols, and towards Irene.


On the other hand, fans are saying that this incident is only being pointed out because people are witch-hunting Leeteuk for his actions, as he was simply performing the original choreography.

During Super Junior’s promotions for “Lo Siento” with KARD, Leeteuk could be seen putting his hand on Jiwoo’s waist during the choreography.


The same choreography could be seen in their performance with the original featuring artist, Leslie Grace herself, and Leeteuk seemingly performed the choreography closer to Leslie Grace’s body than he did with Irene.


ELFs have started the hashtag “ApologizeToLeeteuk”, calling for those who accused him of being inappropriate towards Irene to apologize for their words.