Netizens Debate Over The Validity Of AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk And Fromis_9 Saerom’s Dating Allegations Due To This YouTuber’s Involvement

Is this a case of the YouTuber who cried wolf?

Amid dating allegations surrounding AKMU‘s Lee Chanhyuk and fromis_9‘s Lee Saerom, some netizens are saying they aren’t buying the rumors due to who may be behind them.

Lee Chanhyuk | YG Entertainment
Saerom | Pinterest

Dating allegations of the two took off once controversial YouTuber Sojang released a video alleging the couple was dating.

Sojang is a controversial YouTuber who has earned the ire of fans and K-Pop idols alike. Not much is known about the YouTuber other than that they allegedly have been active in forums since K-Pop’s second generation.

Sojang’s YouTube profile picture | @sojang/YouTube

In her video, the YouTuber tries to link items and places to the alleged couple as evidence and rides off what may be perceived as fallacies in her argument to the fact they are both artsy and have a “Hongdae” vibe.

Lee Chanhyuk and Saerom uploaded pictures from the same place, but they uploaded a month apart. But because they are pictures of the same place, this is evidence. Also, they both have similar rings, although the gold and silver colors are different. But because they both have Hongdae vibes, I think they are dating. They also both have green phone cases.

— Sojang

Netizens reacted to learning that YouTuber Sojang might be behind the allegations, stating that their involvement made the rumors pretty difficult to believe.

  • “Information provided by Sojang.”
    • “Wow, you just summed up this rumor with one line. Thank you.”
    • “The validity of this rumor just went down the drain.”
    • “LOL, that is the most important piece of information.”
    • “Wow.”
    • “Sigh, you can trust this is false.”
  • “As soon as I learned who provided the information, the validity of the rumor just hit rock bottom.”
  • “You can trust that you should just skip whatever Sojang says.”
  • “Sojang, LOL.”

Some fans, however, argued that despite Sojang’s video, the rumors were true, stating that there were witnesses who saw the couple together and that all the evidence was convincing on their own merit.

Source: Wikitree
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