10 Things Fans Are Expecting From BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” Comeback After Watching The Stunning Teaser Video

From a beat drop to a Jennie rap.

BLACKPINK‘s new concept teaser video for “Lovesick Girls” racked up almost half a million views in its first hour, and there’s no surprise why. From stunning visuals to a snippet of the title track instrumental, the teaser is giving BLINKs everything they want—and setting their expectations high. Here are 10 things fans expect to see and hear from “Lovesick Girls” after watching the concept video.

1. A beat drop

The “Lovesick Girls” instrumental has been describe as “dreamy” and “wavy” with a country-style guitar, but many BLINKs are expecting it to be anything but mellow. In true BLACKPINK style, fans think this song will have a sickening beat drop.

2. A mashup of “Whistle” & “Stay”

There’s one thing that’s certain about the “Lovesick Girls” snippet—it’s unlike any of BLACKPINK’s other releases this year. Several BLINKs have proposed that the full song could combine the edgy vibe of “Whistle” with the emotional pull of “Stay”.

3. An outdoor music video

BLACKPINK is known for incredible music video sets, but fans have been yearning for something different for a while now. Judging by the concept video teaser, it seems like “Lovesick Girls” will be the group’s first outdoor music video since “Stay” was released 3 years ago.

4. More music video scenes

Concept video teasers often include scenes from the music video, but BLINKs are sure that there’s more to come. Fans think likely that the full music video will include more settings, both indoor and outdoor.

5. The return of rapper Jennie

Recently, Jennie has been singing a lot on BLACKPINK’s tracks. And, while fans enjoy it, hundreds are expecting Jennie to finally have another showstopping rap on “Lovesick Girls”

6. A heartbreak plot

As soon as the “Lovesick Girls” teaser dropped, the media was ablaze with theories that the song will center around the anguish of love that all young people have faced—and it seems BLINKs agree.

7. Female solidarity

But alongside focusing on relationships, fans also think the “Lovesick Girls” lyrics and music video will have a strong focus on female solidarity, with the members helping each other through their heartbreaks.

8. BLACKPINK’s best song

BLACKPINK just keeps getting better and better, so it’s no surprise that tons of BLINKs expect “Lovesick Girls” to be their best release to date.

9. Tons of new fans

Everyone has different taste, but many BLINKs think “Lovesick Girls” already sounds like something anyone would enjoy listening to. As such, they’re expecting BLACKPINK’s fandom and casual listener base to grow exponentially once the song is released.

10. SOTY!

And above everything else, there’s one expectation every BLINK hopes to see: a well-deserved Song of the Year award!

Watch the full teaser for yourself here, and stay tuned for more updates on BLACKPINK’s October 2 comeback with “Lovesick Girls” and The Album.