Fans Express Outrage After A Local Comedian Reportedly Made A Racist Joke When Meeting NCT’s Jungwoo

Whether it was a mistake or not, it’s hard to overlook.

NCTzens are upset after NCT‘s Jungwoo was reportedly exposed to a racist joke made by a local comedian in Santa Monica, California.

NCT’s Jungwoo | @nct127/Instagram

Jungwoo and his NCT 127 members are currently on tour in the US. This tour was highly anticipated since it is the first time the group returns to the country in four years. Funnily enough, their arrival in Los Angeles went viral in the most unexpected way!

The members have been busy since the moment they landed, making appearances in shows like The Jennifer Hudson Show and Good Morning America, in addition to their concerts.

NCT 127 on the set of “Good Morning America” | @nct127/Instagram
NCT 127’s concert in Los Angeles | @nct127/Instagram

But of course, they have also been enjoying some well-earned time off in between. They’ve taken every chance they get to go exploring…

NCT 127 in New York City | @nct127/Instagram

…and have even teased fans with a fun new installment of Johnny‘s iconic YouTube segment, Johnny’s Communication Center.

Some local NCTzens were lucky enough to run into the members during their outings, and one even exposed Jungwoo’s true kind personality after meeting him in person.

Jungwoo was seen at the Santa Monica Pier, where fans were able to recognize him by his custom Lakers jersey (and his unreal visuals).

Jungwoo in Santa Monica

According to a netizen who spotted him, he was randomly asked to participate in a local street comedian’s bit. Jungwoo is said to have been extremely polite as he agreed to participate.

The netizen managed to film part of the encounter, though the videos that were uploaded were cut off. In one video, viewers can hear the comedian referring to Jungwoo as “the Asian guy” before it cuts off…

While in the other, he asks Jungwoo where he’s from (Jungwoo replies that he’s from South Korea), before, again, the video is cut off.

The netizen who filmed the videos explained that they had stopped recording after hearing what the comedian said…

…particularly because, after Jungwoo said he was from South Korea, the comedian reportedly went on to say, “Make some noise for North Korea,” which made the netizen uncomfortable.

Fans have been speaking up about the incident, expressing frustration with the joke…

…especially because it’s not an unusual experience for many Koreans.

While it’s possible that the comedian misspoke, it is still not a mistake that can be easily overlooked, especially when there is a pattern.

Read further about NCT 127’s experience with this issue right here.

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