Fans Feel Uncomfortable With How Violent Jung Hyung Don Is On “Idol Room”

And they’ve taken to Twitter to highlight the issue.

Jung Hyung Don has been working with idols for years on shows like Weekly Idol, but fans have been quite upset by his violent tendencies on broadcasts.


Fans were very excited to see TWICE guesting on the episode but that excitement soon turned into unease. Shortly after being introduced, the comedian was seen shoving Jeongyeon.


While the comedian did so as a joke, fans were unamused. They noticed that although she was trying to laugh it off, she continued to clutch her arm subconsciously.


Fans also noticed how uncomfortable Jeongyeon, but her attempts at changing places with Dahyun failed. As soon as Dahyun moved next to him, she too was pushed.


If that incident hadn’t made fans uncomfortable already, his next action certainly would as he went on to nudge Jeongyeon once again!


This incident came after fans had already complained about his harshness on Weekly Idol last year, where he hit Jeongyeon with all his strength using a toy hammer.


Fans immediately started voicing their outrage at the way Jeongyeon and Dahyun were treated on Twitter.


Others stated that he should be apologizing to the girls.


And one netizen summed up everyone’s thoughts on the topic perfectly.


Hopefully, everyone will learn from this incident and prevent things like this from happening again in the future.