Fans Flip After Finding Out Sana’s Unexpected Friendship With This Male Idol!

This friendship completely blindsided us!

TWICE’s Sana took everyone by surprise during the 2019 Idol Star Athletic Championships when she randomly went up and started chatting (and later joking) with a male idol that no one realized she knew!

After doing some quick sleuthing, fans discovered that she was talking to U of ONF!

While fans initially had no idea how the two knew each other, they eventually found out the connection between them – and it’s super sweet!

U (real name Mizuguchi Yuto) is a Japanese idol who was actually a former JYP trainee who trained with the members of TWICE!

From left to right: Momo, U, Sana, and Mina

But their connection doesn’t stop there!

Both U and Sana have actually known each other for even longer, as they both trained under EXPG (famous Japanese music label LDH’s dance studio)’s Osaka branch at the same time before deciding to move to Korea to become K-Pop idols!

Fans loved seeing U and Sana’s “Tom and Jerry” friendship up close…to the point where one tweet that posted the video of them interacting has over 156,000 views!

This is definitely our favorite response to their unexpected friendship:

It’s super sweet that they’ve stayed friends even after all these years!

Source: @hyojetion