Here’s Why Fans Are Freaking Out Over Chaeyoung’s Surprise “Pop Up Booth” in Sinchon

Dr. Chaeyoung is in the house!

Fans were taken by surprise when TWICE’s Chaeyoung suddenly appeared out of nowhere to set up a “pop up booth” in Sinchon!

Dressed in a black trench coat, Chaeyoung and her team brought out two white boards and wrote ” People in their 10s (teens), give me a stress signal!” and “Would you like some counseling for stress? Yes or Yes?” on them.

For ONCEs who went to check things out, it turns out that Chaeyoung was acting being a “counselor for a day” for teens and held private sessions to provide advice and words of encouragement for those teens who are struggling in some shape or form.

One ONCE who partook in the event tweeted about their experience:

To summarize the ONCE’s Tweet:

Chaeyoung was a blonde haired goddess during our counseling session. Even when wearing a mask, she greeted me cutely and since that moment, I died…Thank you so much for listening to my worries (about school) and saying such lovely things.

Chaeyong even gave personalized “hwaiting” cards to each participant, wishing them good luck and fortune on their future endeavors!

Based on what ONCEs saw during the event, they believe that Chaeyoung was there recording as part of a TV program that she will guest on in the future.

While fans were speculating if Chaeyoung would do more sessions or some a similar activity for the program, others jokingly brought up the fact that Chaeyoung is just barely out of her teens and is now “super adult” and giving advice to “the youngin’s”.

Our favorite Twitter response has to be this:

We can’t wait to see what Dr. Chaeyoung has in store for us once the program airs!