Fans Are Freaking Out Over Rumored AKMU And IU Collaboration

The “Nation’s Siblings” with the “Nation’s Sweetheart”?!

After an Instagram story update from YG Entertainment producer SIHWANG allegedly revealed a collaboration between sibling-duo AKMU and K-pop powerhouse IU, fans took to social media to express their excitement.

Fans also noticed the file beside it could be a feature from R&B singer Zion.T!

Zion.T is an artist under The Black Label, a subsidiary label of YG Entertainment. | @ziont/Instagram

Fans of both AKMU and IU have high expectations for the collaboration.

Both known as “digital monsters,” or artists who typically dominate the music charts, fans anticipate an overwhelmingly positive response to the project.

Others are looking forward to a potential appearance by AKMU on IU’s Palette, the singer’s talk show where she and her guests discuss their career and perform live renditions of their music.

YG Entertainment confirmed that sibling duo AKMU were preparing to release their comeback on July 26, 2021.

AKMU is set to come back July 26. K-Pop fans are looking forward to the return of these musical geniuses, especially since they’ve hinted at collaborations with special artists.

— Kim Na Young, MK Sports

An official statement described the upcoming album as “a collaboration album,” further raising fans’ hopes that IU will make an appearance on the track list.

Lee Chanhyuk (left) and Lee Suhyun (right) make up AKMU. | Elle

This album will mark the band’s first release since their November 2020 single “Happening,” a collaboration with producer SIHWANG, as well as their first release since renewing their contracts with YG Entertainment.

AKMU’s last release was the 2020 single “Happening.” | YG Entertainment

The artists previously collaborated on “Ah Puh,” a track from IU’s 2021 album Lilac. AKMU member Lee Chanhyuk is credited with writing lyrics and composing the song, and IU stated that both he and Lee Suhyun sang the guide. She thanked the two for giving the song to her!

Whether the collaboration is true or not, fans are eagerly awaiting new music from these artists!

Source: MK Sports