Fans Are Freaking Out Over TXT Yeonjun’s Red Hair And So Are We

Please don’t be hairspray. 🙏

TXT‘s Yeonjun and Soobin are set to be featured in the upcoming May issue of GQ Korea. It is said to have ten pages of them, including interviews and pictures. Some photos from the issue have been released, including one that showcases Yeonjun and his new fiery red hairstyle!

Yeonjun | GQ Korea

MOAs were excited to hear that a couple of the TXT members would be featured in the magazine. Most importantly, they were also shocked over Yeonjun’s new hairstyle! They tweeted their reactions to his red hair.

We’re all hoping that the red is legit and not just hairspray. It seems probable that it is real, considering he had recently been covering his hair with a hat during fanmeetings.

Hopefully, he keeps it for their next album. Red hair for comeback, please!

All we do know for sure is that we won’t be able to think about anything else but red-haired Yeonjun today.

Source: YES24