Fans Furious After Popular 3rd-Gen K-Pop Group’s First “MAMA Awards” Trophy Is Found At Second-Hand Store

Netizens express their anger at the group’s former company.

A TikTok is going viral after an unsuspecting K-Pop fan realizes a gift their mom got them at a second-hand store in the Philippines was a genuine trophy from the MAMA Awards (previously known as the Mnet Asian Music Awards) for B.A.P, a popular third-generation K-Pop group.

Fans are questioning how the award, won the year the group debuted, ended up at a market, and many blame their corrupt former company, TS Entertainment.


B.A.P debuted in 2012 and immediately caught fans’ attention with their deep voices, powerful performance, matching bleached hair, and their maknae‘s fast rapping.

B.A.P during their debut era.

The group quickly rose to become one of the top third-generation K-Pop groups. In their debut year, they won the coveted “Mnet PD’s Choice Award” at the MAMA Awards, which was formerly won by legendary groups such as S.E.STVXQ, and FT Island.

Any rookie K-Pop group would love to win an award at the MAMA Awards, and this was the award that was later discovered at a Korean shop.

In a now-private TikTok, the current owner shared that they weren’t aware of K-Pop when their mom first gifted them the trophy. Now that they’re a K-Pop fan, they realize what the trophy is and the importance of the item they were gifted.

The TikTok user has assured B.A.P fans that the trophy is being well kept and looked after in their possession, and fans want to know how it ended up in a secondhand market.

Screenshot of the original TikTok video | @kkeiuwumato/Twitter
Comments on the TikTok video

Two years into B.A.P’s debut, just as they completed their first world tour, the group shocked fans when they sued TS Entertainment to nullify their contracts. The group sought to void their contracts on the basis of “unfair working conditions and profit distribution.”

In the first three years of their career, they earned $9 million USD but were only paid $18,000 USD per member while the company kept $8.9 million USD.

Although the company settled with B.A.P the following year, it was the beginning of TS Entertainment’s downfall after a series of lawsuits followed from their other signed artists.

The company had legal disputes with Secret‘s Jieun and HyosungSleepy from Untouchable filed to terminate his contract after the company refused to show him a copy of his contract and his earnings, Sumin and Nahyun of Sonamoo also filed a lawsuit against the company, and TRCNG‘s Wooyeop and Taeseon filed to terminate their contracts while also pursuing criminal complaints against the company for child abuse, assault, and extortion.

Part of the 2019 exposé released by Dispatch and TRCNG’s Wooyeop and Taeseon.

TS Entertainment shut down in 2021, and many fans feel that the company is to blame for the award ending up in a secondhand market.

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