Fans Furious With CUBE Entertainment After (G)I-DLE Faces Horrific Airport Mob In China

“How can a company be so reckless…”

Fresh on the heels of the disturbing mobbing event involving SEVENTEEN‘s Jun, another alarming incident has emerged. This time, it’s the popular girl group (G)I-DLE facing a perilous situation in China’s airport.

| CUBE Entertainment

Viral videos circulating across social media platforms reveal a harrowing scene at the airport. The five members of (G)I-DLE, along with a handful of security personnel, found themselves engulfed by a swarm of fans and reporters. The security team’s desperate attempts to navigate through the crowd and ensure the group’s safety highlights the extreme lack of preparation and protection in place.

CUBE Entertainment, the company managing (G)I-DLE, is now facing fierce criticism from fans worldwide. Accusations of not providing adequate security, especially considering the group’s skyrocketing fame in China, have flooded the internet. The event underscores a disconcerting trend within the industry: entertainment companies underestimating the intensity of fan encounters and not deploying enough security measures.

However, the blame isn’t solely on the management company. Many devoted fans have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the behavior of the mob at the airport. In their pursuit of a glimpse or a moment with their beloved idols, these fans showcased a blatant disregard for the group’s safety and comfort. The videos display a distressingly claustrophobic scene, with the members appearing overwhelmed and frightened.

The (G)I-DLE incident acts as a poignant reminder of the dire need for boundaries within the fandom culture. While it’s heartwarming to witness the deep bond and love fans share for their idols, it’s essential to remember that these stars, despite their larger-than-life personas, are human beings deserving of respect and personal space.

In the past, many K-Pop idols have spoken about the anxieties they experience due to such mobbing incidents. The psychological impact of being surrounded, touched, and sometimes even grabbed by strangers can be traumatizing. While fans’ intentions might be driven by love and excitement, the end result can sometimes be harmful.

| CUBE Entertainment 

The K-Pop industry is built on the symbiotic relationship between artists and fans. For the genre to thrive, both parties must recognize and respect each other’s boundaries. Entertainment companies must prioritize the safety of their artists by providing adequate security, especially in public spaces known for intense fan interactions, like airports. Similarly, fans need to collectively uphold a code of conduct that ensures their interactions with idols are respectful and non-threatening.