Fans Outraged After Rookie Idol Calls BTS RM “Retard”

This 12 year-old-rookie called RM a “Rap Retard”.

A newly debuted rapper named ACHILLO is under fire after he allegedly called BTS‘s RM a “Rap Retard” on Facebook.

ACHILLO is a 12-year-old rapper who just debuted as part of the trio called OGZ under Starship Entertainment.

Just as his career was taking its first step, netizens dug up an old Facebook post that had once allegedly belonged to ACHILLO.

The account shared a post about Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko collaborating with BTS’s RM (Rap Monster at the time). And the comment was none too friendly.

“The Rap God meets the Rap Retard… How’ll it be ㅎ I’m only gonna listen to Gaeko’s verse.”


Screenshot of ACHILLO’s alleged post.

After his post received backlash from BTS fans, he apparently struck back to defend his post.

A netizen uploaded screenshots that ACHILLO’s Facebook account allegedly messaged her after she called him out for being disrespectful.

Translated messages from ACHILLO’s Facebook account.

He continued to egg the netizen on as he repeatedly messaged her.

Translated messages from ACHILLO’s Facebook account.

He finally ended his tirade by calling the fangirls a “fanatic” and telling her to delete the post.

Translated messages from ACHILLO’s Facebook account.

There has not been an official response from neither ACHILLO nor Starship Entertainment, fans are demanding ACHILLO and Starship Entertainment to speak up about the situation.

Source: Instiz