ASTRO Reveal New Hair Colors And Fans Are Freaking Out

It was definitely a surprise!

ASTRO is currently promoting their latest single, “ONE,” on various music shows. Like every K-Pop group, the members had new hairstyles when the new album All Yours was released.

On April 23, ASTRO shocked fans during their performance on KBS‘s Music Bank when five of the members, excluding MJ, suddenly changed their hair colors!

| @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter

Leader JinJin went from light brown hair to a stunning color that seemed to combine silver and purple tones!

After changing his hair drastically to blonde for this comeback, Eunwoo continued his daring streak with candyfloss pink.

Moonbin‘s classic blonde changed to a striking white, contrasting perfectly with his stage outfit.

The youngest members, Sanha and Rocky, also changed their hair colors to strikingly bright shades of brown and copper!

As fans thought it was the last week of ASTRO promoting “ONE,” they were shocked by the sudden change in hairstyles. Many went on to social media in excitement!

You can watch ASTRO’s latest performance of “ONE” with their new hair colors below!

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