Fans Go Crazy Over LABOUM ZN’s Picture Perfect Abs

K-Pop idols are truly magical, as they always manage to look perfect, smile perfect and dance perfect…

… and LABOUM’s ZN is no exception to that rule, as she revealed her perfect abs in a recent fancam.

ZN appeared on stage in a light blue crop top and white short shorts to showcase her hard-earned six-pack abs while performing some of LABOUM’s hit songs.

As she performed on stage, fans could not stop staring at her unbelievably defined abs.

No matter what position she assumed ZN’S toned abs were on display.

ZN is known for her strict meal plan which forbids simple carbs and focuses instead on a balanced meal containing sweet potatoes and chicken breasts…

… and it looks like her strict regimen is paying off with her picture-perfect figure.

Watch the entire performance below:

Source: Dispatch