Fans Going Crazy Over New Credit Cards With Wanna One’s Faces On Them

It’s a marketing ploy that’s definitely working!

For a limited time, Shinhan Bank customers can receive a “SOL Deep Dream” check bank card with their favorite Wanna One member’s face printed on it – and fans are rushing to make sure they snap one up!


All 11 Wanna One members appear on the limited edition bank cards in crisp shirts with their signature charming visuals.

Applications for the bank accounts close in July but reservations for the Wanna One cards close at the end of March.


The cards are also available to applicants through a lottery, so fans are trying their luck!


Reactions are varied as some fans can’t wait to carry their Wanna One bias in their wallet, while others worry they’ll scratch the pictures if they carry them around. They would rather keep it safe in one place!

  • “I want to put it in my wallet.”
  • “What if I scratch or injure it? I think I’ll have to be careful.”


It’s being praised as a good marketing strategy, since Wanna One fans will no doubt want to use the card more often just to see the handsome face!

Source: Dispatch

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