Fans guess BTOB’s Sungjae is the mysterious male singer in Apink’s “Who’s Next” teaser

A Cube Entertainment is following the recent “Who’s next” trend and has revealed a teaser for a duet project, making fans guess by only showing the back views of the couple.

The back view of the male singer is definitely an obvious hint to many, as many guessed it to be BTOB‘s youngest member Sungjae. He has been recently receiving rising popularity through his television appearance in King Of Masked Singer and his acting role in the ongoing KBS drama Who Are You – School 2015. 

Through his guest appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star with f(x)‘s LunaKahi, and Kim Hyung Suk, the idol also revealed that he will be lending his voice for an upcoming OST track for Who Are You – School 2015, leading to speculations if this duet might be for the drama.

This would be yet another collaboration between Cube Entertainment and its sister label A Cube Entertainment, although the Apink member’s identity is still hard to guess just by looking at her back profile and hairstyle.

The color code for this duet is #BLUE, which revives the ‘A CUBE’ FOR SEASON series with a second season. Each year, the series releases a project single highlighting the vocals of the artists.

The #GREEN collaboration between BEAST‘s Yoseob and Apink’s Eunji resulted in the duet “Love Day” in 2012, while BEAST’s Hyunseung, Eunji, and Namjoo teamed up for “A Year Ago” in 2013 as group #WHITE.

#SKYBLUE team Huh Gak and Eunji released “Short Hair” in 2013, topping music charts. The track was performed live and was also nominated for #1 on music shows.

Source: OSEN