Some Fans Hate BLACKPINK Rosé’s Hair Styling… But Her New Revelation May Explain The Stylist’s Choice

It all makes sense now!

At BLACKPINK‘s latest online fansign for The Album, one BLINK had a pressing question about Rosé‘s hair—and it may explain the styling choice fans have grown to hate.

Alongside her unique voice and undeniable stage presence, there’s one thing Rosé is known for: her commitment to bleached hair. Like most Koreans, her hair is naturally dark, but she hasn’t worn it that way since 2018.

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In fact, Rosé has been bleaching her hair for most of her career. She’s gone from light blonde…

… to dark blonde.

She’s also used her bleached hair as a base for plenty of eye-catching colors, including red…

… and fitting rosy pink.

BLINKs may love to see her trying out unique looks when it comes to color, but one thing many Rosé fans are sick of is her lack of hair styling. While the other members frequently have their hair tied up on stage, Rosé’s hair is almost always in its natural straight-down state.

As such, fans have been calling on her stylist to switch things up for months.

Many have even theorized that the stylist could be playing favorites and neglecting the main vocalist. However, in a recent online fansign, Rosé made an interesting revelation that could explain why her hair is hardly ever styled.

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Given how much experience Rosé has with hair coloring, it’s no surprise that @pimornjira on Twitter wanted her opinion on how to keep bleached hair in good condition. Most hair professionals recommend using a lot of treatments and special tools, but Rosé’s advice was the complete opposite: do nothing.

The thing is, I think just leaving it alone is, like, the most important part.

— Rosé

According to Rosé, the best way to keep bleached hair healthy and reduce damage is to leave it alone. She recommended not to touch it too much unless you want to deal with brittle breakage.

Don’t touch it too much. Don’t try to do [anything] to it too much. Because when it’s dry, it just kind of breaks off.

— Rosé

As soon as the clip of Rosé’s hair advice dropped on social media, her fans had a sudden revelation: this is probably why she rarely has her hair styled. If it’s dry enough to break with a simple touch, it likely can’t withstand the pressure and tension of being tied up.

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Looks like the mystery of Rosé’s “poor” hair styling is solved! Thankfully, the BLACKPINK star has been sporting a few more up-dos lately. Fans are hoping that means her hair condition is improving and more interesting stage looks could be coming.

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