Here’s What Fans Are Hoping For From MONSTA X Kihyun’s Solo Debut

There’s one specific concept they want him to try.

Fans of MONSTA X have eagerly been waiting for main vocalist Kihyun‘s solo debut.

And recently, Starship Entertainment uploaded a surprise teaser to their official YouTube channel, showing a new logo for Kihyun.

Although fans were only speculating at first that the teaser meant that Kihyun would finally be having his solo debut, the idol quickly went to MONSTA X’s fancafe to confirm with fans that he was actually releasing a solo album.

Fans then took to Twitter to express their understandable excitement.

Some fans realized that the members had been hinting about the sudden announcement.

Others were expressing their excitement at the main vocal getting a chance to showcase his immense talent.

Others noticed that Kihyun’s teaser dropped on the same day, a year later, as I.M‘s own solo debut.

Fans felt proud that Kihyun would finally be able to have the solo debut that he has wanted for so long.

And since fans not only have new music to look forward to but albums and performances on music shows…

… They were, of course, talking about what sorts of concepts Kihyun might try.

Some fans hope that he might try a rude concept like he had for this iconic No Mercy stage.

But other fans remembered that Kihyun had mentioned wanting to try a rock concept.

Which is a concept that fans would absolutely love to see

Both for his incredible voice suiting the genre, and the possible performances and styling.

Regardless, fans can rest assured knowing that Kihyun’s solo debut will in no way disappoint.