Fans Claimed Irene RUINED This Advertisement, But Not For Why You Think

The photos were the problem.

Fans are saying Irene ruined this advertisement, but it’s not for the reason you think it is.

Irene was recently introduced as the new model for Hazzys Accessories.

The company just released the first set of pictures of Irene modeling their product. However, fans are complaining, saying Irene has ruined the advertisement!

It’s not because they’re too expensive… or that they don’t look good.

It’s because the model is too pretty and distracting!

Fans are saying they aren’t even looking at the product because they’re too busy looking at Irene instead.

“It feels like they failed to market the bag because I’m looking at Irene.”

“Wow Irene, are you real life? She’s so pretty.”

“Irene is so luxuriously pretty.”

— Korean Netizens

Source: Insight