Fans Are Manifesting A WayV OT7 Comeback After YangYang Reportedly Alludes To “The 7 Of Us” And Promises A Special Surprise

“Thank you to YangYang and Hendery for saying WayV are 7.”

During a recent live, WayV‘s YangYang and Hendery seemingly confirmed the group still has 7 members and hinted that WayV will have a surprise for fans this coming Friday, and now WayZenNies are manifesting a possible OT7 comeback.

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On May 10, the official WayV social media channels announced that the members would be doing a relay-live starting on May 11. The members who kicked off the relay were YangYang and Hendery, and neither of them was able to resist giving some hints that they’ve been recently working on…something. The truth of their schedule was still meant to be a secret.

But later on, towards the end of the live, they dropped the news that there would be a surprise on Friday, leaving fans completely perplexed.

Naturally, fans are excited about the fact that WayV is working on something again after a lengthy hiatus.

But they are also particularly interested in seeing the members together again. No announcements have been made regarding the members’ participation in the comeback, which was confirmed earlier this year, but fans have been waiting for a WayV reunion for some time. They even called for Ten‘s return to Korea back in February, as they felt that SM Entertainment was not managing him properly there.

While the members have not given any hint or indication of what the surprise will be, many WayZenNies are hoping that an OT7 comeback could be a possibility.

In fact, some theorize that the relay-lives, starting with YangYang and Hendery’s, could potentially lead to one final live with all the members reunited.

This is in part because YangYang seemingly confirmed that WayV is still a group of 7 members, despite Lucas not having featured in recent NCT and WayV activities. While discussing the fact that WayV may be given a new car soon, YangYang and Hendery joked about the kind of car they would like, and that they would need one big enough for all 7 members, managers and their baggage.

Fans couldn’t help but feel grateful towards YangYang and Hendery for seemingly acknowledging that WayV is a 7-member group…

…though others have been skeptical about the relay ultimately revealing an OT7 comeback, pointing out that SM Entertainment and Label V have not made any statements regarding Lucas’ return.

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Whatever the surprise is, fans can be sure that it will be good news! It has been a while since WayV’s last comeback, so it will be exciting to see what they’ve been working on recently.