Fans May Have Discovered TXT’s Next Promotional Song And It May Have Been A Bit Obvious

Hint: it may involve furry animals.

TXT‘s debut promotions for “Crown” are coming to an end, but fans think they have an idea of what their next promotional song will be.

Soobin tweeted this for the end of “Crown” promotions. It’s not about what he said that gained attention but what he included in the tweet.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that he included the emojis for a cat and dog. Therefore, fans have come to the conclusion that “Cat & Dog” will be their next promotional song.

One fan even poked fun at the song by sharing how the audience will react upon hearing it live. Fanchants are the standard, but “Cat & Dog” might change the game. Admit it; a whole audience barking would be pretty amazing to witness.

Beomgyu and Yeonjun even teased us with a snippet of “Cat & Dog”. Maybe they were giving us a hint all along? They were the ones caught in wigs after all…

“Cat & Dog” has a distinct sound and a cult following among fans. Do you think they’re right in their conclusion? Or did they look too much into Soobin’s tweet?