Cast of “Hwarang” To Support V By Attending An Upcoming BTS Concert

The cast of Hwarang is gaining a lot of interest after promising to attend BTS’s upcoming concert in support of fellow cast member, V

The cast members of the program developed quite a bond as they filmed for the KBS drama Hwarang. Despite the program ending its run next week, some of the main cast members expressed their interest in attending BTS’s concert in support of their youngest member, V.

Staff members from the production stated that the main cast members of the drama managed to bond not only while filming for the drama but also publicly meet on their free time. Actor Do Ji Han talked about their plans in a recent interview.

“We are still very close. So this time, we’re talking about who will be going to V’s (Taehyung) concert together. It won’t be easy for us to adjust our schedules to make room for the concert since everyone is busy, but because it’s Taehyung’s concert, we are all trying to make space.”

-Do Ji Han

The friendship between the cast members of Hwarang was first noticed at the 26th Seoul Music Awards last month. V was greeted by a familiar face during the ceremony as BTS won “Record of the Year”. Park Seo Joon was present to give them their award and V was unable to contain his happiness to find his fellow Hwarang co-star on the same stage. He was even thankful towards the actor and posted a special note on their official Twitter account.

BTS’ V reunited with his Hwarang co-star at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards

To celebrate their latest album release, V joins BTS for a two-day concert in Seoul on February 18th and 19th.

Source: SportsSeoul