Fans Met INFINITE’s Woohyun At A Restaurant, And Their Interactions Will Warm Your Heart

You’ll definitely fall head over heels for Woohyun’s kind and warm personality!

INFINITE‘s Woohyun is making the hearts of fans melt with his adorable self!

Fans have been talking about how kind and nice Woohyun is lately! Over the Chuseok holidays, some lucky fans were able to catch a glimpse of Woohyun, and they all had glowing reviews!

Woohyun spent the holidays at his father’s restaurant with his brother, and even his brother was full of praise for him! He bought meat to feed Woohyun, but Woohyun was instead busy taking care of the other diners in the restaurant!

This is in real-time. I bought 300,000 won worth of beef to feed Namu[Woohyun’s nickname].

But right now, he’s serving and grilling meat for the table before us.

—Woohyun’s brother

Fan accounts also posted about meeting Woohyun, and raved about his kind side!

I didn’t even know Woohyun was there… Since it was Chuseok, I went there to give Woohyun’s father some Vita 500… but Woohyun was there… so I got his autograph… got a hug, shook his hand… And oh my gosh, my shoelaces… were untied at the perfect time… Woohyun even tied my shoelaces… I can’t wear them anymore… I was so shocked that my brain stopped working, and I didn’t get to say what I wanted or take a photo with him… But 2020.10.01 was one for the books…


More fan accounts also posted about their lucky meetings with Woohyun!

Who wouldn’t fall for Woohyun and his cute, kind self!?