Fans Have Mixed Feelings About ATEEZ’s New Lightstick Design Including Safety Concerns

Which version do you like more?

Lightsticks have become an important part of the K-Pop fan experience and are a way for fans to identify with each other, even at non-K-Pop events!


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This significance is why ATINY were initially thrilled to hear that ATEEZ would be releasing a new version of the group’s lightstick, originally released in January 2019.

ATEEZ holding their lightstick (also known as Lightiny). | @ATEEZOfficial/Twitter

The first version of the group’s lightstick was decided in a fan design contest where one lucky fan’s design was chosen. Slight edits were made to the design to produce the first version of the “Lightiny.”

| @ATEEZOfficial/Twitter

Although fans are fond of the original design, many felt it would be nice to get a revamped version that would hopefully be more available to fans before the group’s upcoming world tour, THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL.

ATEEZ shared the new design to their official social media channels along with details about the lightstick and sale date information.

The new lightstick design features a sleek curved handle, but retains the same globe and hourglass. In addition to the visual changes, the new version comes with a motion sensor and concert syncing features.

| @ATEEZOfficial/Twitter

Many fans are embracing the change and appreciate a new lightstick design!

However, some ATINY have some complaints about the new version’s design including it being “plain” in comparison to the previous one. Fans also have safety concerns about the new detachable head and worry they may fly off during concerts as fans wave their lightsticks.

Other fans have made hilarious comparisons of the two, making the most out of the situation.

Which of these two beautiful lightstick designs is your favorite?

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