Fans Have Mixed Feelings About BLACKSWAN’s Comeback Teasers

It’s been almost two years since their last comeback.

Since their official (re)-debut, BLACKSWAN has attracted attention, though it has not always been positive. The multi-national girl group, a recreation of the group RaNia, is made up of four active non-Korean members, following the departure of the group’s previous Korean members in 2022.


The group debuted with Goodbye RANIA, in 2020, a full album consisting of only three new tracks. Since then, they have only released one single album, Close To Me, in October 2021.

The group members have been active online, keeping fans entertained despite not releasing any new music.


こんにちは ( Hello ) 🙏🙏 #kawaikategomen #blackswan #sriya #gabi

♬ kawaikutegomen – aics

Finally, on May 8, 2023, it was announced that the group would be returning with the single album, That’s Karma. Fans were thrilled by the announcement,  sharing their feelings on BLACKSWAN’s official social media accounts.

In teasers shared on their official TikTok page, the members of BLACKSWAN can be seen standing in cultural outfits as a camera moves closer. So far, Fatou, Gabi, and Sriya‘s teasers and concept teasers have been released.

Because of Sriya‘s inclusion in the group, many fans seem to think that the comeback will not be cultural appropriation, but instead cultural appreciation.

Others are critical of the appearance of the various teasers, saying they look cheaply made despite the long delay between comebacks.

| @blackswan__official/Instagram

Fans commenting on the group’s teaser videos have reminded others that DR Music, the group’s label, is a small company and that not all idols will have the same large budget as other companies.

| blackswan__official/TikTok

What do you think about their teasers so far?

A previous version of this article stated there are five active non-Asian members. The article has been updated to state there are four active non-Korean members.