Fans Share Mixed Reactions Over TXT Taehyun’s Sweet New Hairstyle

“You look as soft as this ice cream.”

Today, the TXT members updated their Twitter followers with selcas. Some members, such as Soobin and Taehyun, showcased new hairstyles. Soobin now has what appears to be gold tips added to his black hair. Previously blonde, Taehyun has dyed half of his head brown.

| @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Taehyun is never one to shy away from fun colors. This time, he’s trying out two at one time. Fans are responding to this new look, drawing a lot of comparisons to other things.

Most of his Twitter post replies are side-by-side images of him with chocolate and vanilla marble desserts. He does look as sweet and soft as ice cream, doesn’t he?

Taehyun has always been similar to a dessert… He is so sweet!

While most people thought he used a sweet treat as inspiration for the hairstyle, others pointed to fictional characters. Hmm…

If only he chose red rather than brown, he would look My Hero Academia‘s Todoroki! Look no further for your next hairstyle, Taehyun.

On the other hand, his hair is very similar to another popular singer. Melanie Martinez is known for half and half hair.

While he might have used any one of the above for inspiration, he made it his own! Soon, we will all be going to the hairdresser with his selca.

Source: @txt_bighit and Stewart\'s Shops