Fans More Suspicous About Suga And Suran’s Dating Rumors…After New Evidence Emerges

These photos are making fans even more suspicious about the rumors of the two dating.

BTS‘s Suga and Suran have previously been rumored to be dating after Suran posted a suspicious post that could possibly have been a “Lovestagram”.

(★TRENDING) BTS Suga and Suran Rumoured To Be Dating, Company Officially Responds


Some fans have been getting increasingly suspicious after more alleged proof has been discovered.


In addition to Suran’s post of the macaron, which started the rumors in the first place, Suran was seen on Instagram live with this brown poodle…


…which looked a lot like Suga’s dog Holly!

Suga’s dog, Holly Min, is well known among his fans and even has it’s own Youtube account. On a side note, Holly Min is a boy despite his feminine name!


Moreover, Suga and Suran have both worn the same yellow shirt and some netizens are calling it their couple shirt.


Although BigHit Entertainment denied the rumors of these two dating, netizens are claiming these new photos suggest otherwise.

Source: Instagram
Source: EToday