Fans notice something weird about I.O.I Yoojung’s feet during performance

Only eagle-eyed fans can be the only person to notice this slight accident that happened during I.O.I’s recent performance. 

Last December 24th, I.O.I performed their hit tracks “Dream Girls” and “Pick Me” at the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards. 

A closer look of their performance, however, found member Yoojung dancing without her shoes. It looked as if the singer danced too hard and accidentally kicked one of her shoes off.

It seemed like dancing with just one shoe was a tad uncomfortable for Yoojung and subtly peeled off the other pair. For the last part of the performance, she was merely performing with just her socks on.

Most of the audience members watching did not even realise that they just watched the young singer perform without any footwear. However, I.O.I’s fans seem to have expected it. An old footage of I.O.I’s rehearsals showed Yoojung doing the exact same thing.


Below is the full video and Yoojung’s incident happens just after the 7:26 mark. 

Source: Dispatch